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  • Diverse education based on thought and community

    சிந்தனையும் சமூகமும் சார்ந்த மாறுபட்ட கல்வி | Aug 23, 2021

    சர்வதேச பெகோலோரெட் தேர்வில் (இடமிருந்து வலமாக) எம். மாணவர், பிரணவ் ஆனந்த், அபிஷேக் பாலாஜி, டி அமன், ரூபா திரிபாதி அனைவரும் முழு மதிப்பெண்கள் பெற்றனர். படம்: NPS சர்வதேச பள்ளி

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  • Painting exhibition by NPS International School students

    என்.பி.எஸ் சர்வதேசப் பள்ளி மாணவர்கள் உருவாக்கிய ஓவியக் கண்காட்சி | May 18, 2021

    (இடமிருந்து வலம்): சாஸ்வதி தேய், ஆதியா குட்டப்பா, திரு சக்தி வேல் விஜயரங்கம்.

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  • Teen who wrote her way out of isolation

    Teen who wrote her way out of isolation
    Iffah Durrah Kajai | Sep 23, 2016

    She is just 16, but Shivani Ekkanath already has the portfolio of an established writer.

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  • NPS wins merit award

    NPS wins merit award
    Ankita Pandey Vallikappen | Feb 07, 2014

    The National Public School (NPS) International team emerged as merit winners in this year's The Straits Times National Youth Media Competition.

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  • ST National Youth Media Competition

    ST National Youth Media Competition: Minister faces questions from "reporters"
    Sheryl Quek | Nov 19, 2013

    For almost an hour, 20 budding young reporters fired a barrage of questions at Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong...

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  • Spicing up our lives

    Spicing up our lives
    tabla! | May 25 2012

    NPS International School has started an initiative to create a school herb and spice garden.

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  • Bindu Hari's Six Lessons for Parents

    Bindu Hari's Six Lessons for Parents
    Subroto Bagchi | Jan 15, 2011

    She believes "All children are gifted, some just open up later
    One cannot be a teacher and a pessimist at the same time."

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  • Speech by Mr S Iswaran, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, at the opening of NPS International Singapore

    Singapore Government Media Release | 14th May, 2008

    I am pleased to join you this evening at the Official Opening of the NPS International School in Singapore...

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