Why should you send your child to an International School?
Here are 5 reasons

Choosing a school to send your children to is never an easy task, neither is it something that parents take lightly. Schools in Singapore set children up with the skills and mentality that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. Hence it is important to choose the right school for your little one(s). For expats living in Singapore, it is even harder to make the right decision since international schools also come into the equation. So, if you’re considering sending your child to an international school in Singapore then you might just want more than one motive for that choice.

5 reasons why an international school is good for your child

1. Exposure to various cultures across the world

An international school in Singapore provides an enriching experience for students of all ages. It can be particularly valuable for high school students or those in the IB programme who have come to the point where they need to decide on their career path. Apart from a rigorous curriculum, being in an IB school in Singapore can also provide students with a global perspective as they explore the diverse cultures of their classmates. Being able to interact with different cultures allows students to understand their nuances as he or she learns about the world beyond the city they reside in. In addition to the academic programmes, worldview is incorporated into the teaching process to engage and expose students to cultures across the globe.

2. Individualised attention

The student-teacher ratio arrangement in international schools of Singapore is standardised in such a way that teachers can give personal attention to each child. These small classes aim to ensure that each student can grasp and understand the concepts that are being taught, at their own pace, as well as learning capacity. Also, to keep up with the increasing globalisation, teachers bring in materials such as news and stories from around the world for students to better understand and appreciate perspectives other than their own.

3. Wide range of extracurricular activities

Having a focus on extracurricular activities is one of the primary ways which international schools in Singapore used to nurture and develop each student’s creativity. Some of the top international schools in Singapore like NPS International School have a very strong sports culture. These schools do not just offer sports as an extracurricular activity, for example, NPS also has a Sports Academy and Team Sports offering short term, intensive training programmes to cultivate strong fundamentals of various sports in their students. Students get to participate in sports competitions and not only are they able to further cultivate their passion for the sport, but they will also develop sportsmanship. Having this passion helps instil in students the importance of being a good team player, responsibility, dedication and shaping them into well-rounded individuals who have the confidence to face the challenges and obstacles ahead.

4. Cultivating good self-motivation

International school students are often groomed with having a global perspective and are encouraged to engage in critical thinking. Apart from learning Art & Craft, reading, music, or even cursive writing, students also have to learn life skills activities. Because life skills go hand-in-hand with development and can help students succeed in life, early years programmes such as Montessori aid in nurturing them. Skills such as self-directed, engaged learning can be cultivated through open-minded exploration and gives students further independent practice in comprehension strategies. Ultimately, these skills help students to cultivate good self-motivation to take up opportunities and to show commitment to what they want to achieve in the future.

5. More university admission

Studying in an international school in Singapore opens doors for its students in universities worldwide. Completing the IB Diploma programme, albeit demanding and rigorous, presents graduates with a qualification that is recognised by leading universities in the world. Both students and parents are well-supported in terms of university and career counselling in most IB schools in Singapore.

In conclusion

Regardless the age of your child, it is always good to have an idea of the available options for their education. Parents who are attracted to the wide subject options and holistic learning that the IB programme provides, enrolling your kids in an international school in Singapore might be a perfect choice!

Having been in the education industry for six decades, NPS International School is one of the top international schools that exemplified academic excellence in Singapore and has one of the highest IBDP average scores of 39 points in 2020.

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