Visual Arts and Design

Visual Arts and Design

NPSI's flagship Visual Arts and Design department is highly successful in inculcating a deep and profound appreciation and understanding of visual arts and design. With classes in arts from Grade 1 to 12, we provide training and opportunities to students who have an artistic flair, and equip them with skills and knowledge to pursue a career in this field.

Our Primary and Middle School visual arts program is a foundational program designed specially to achieve proficiency in various media, techniques, and representation of their ideas in a visual medium. They develop skills in data gathering, observation, and investigation, and learn how to critique and appreciate other works of art from a technical, aesthetic point of view. They learn about art history, printmaking, drawing, 3-dimensional art and more in our special art studios. Students are also provided basic materials and are encouraged year-long to create through projects, competitions, and other events with artistic flair.

Students with deep interest and skill in arts are encouraged to pursue the subject for their board exams. We offer Art and Design as an elective subject for the Cambridge IGSCE 9th and 10th and Visual Arts for the International Baccalaureate (Geneva) Diploma Years 1 and 2 (Grade 11 and 12). The curriculum for these subjects are set by the board and students are trained by reputed and talented instructors.

These secondary level courses are thought-provoking and challenge students to explore their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. The course encourages a range of skills, aesthetic awareness, and inculcates deep knowledge and critical understanding of art. Students explore holistic learning experiences and are expected to engage in, experiment with and critically reflect upon a wide range of contemporary practices and media focusing on the techniques and methodology.

Visual arts and Design students at NPSI are taken on learning journeys to museums and art festivals. They are also expected to conduct an art show at the end of their academic year, showcasing their best works. Students from NPSI's IB Arts program have gotten offers and scholarships from some of the top Art and Design universities from around the world.