Transfer and Withdrawal

Transfer Policy

  1. Transfers will have to be approved by the school based on the academic demands of the new Programme, the students’ prevailing performance levels and suitability and residual months available after switch and availability of seats in the new course.
  2. Transfer between courses shall be effected only at the beginning of a term.
  3. Transfer from one course to another shall constitute withdrawal from the school. Therefore Student Pass (where applicable) shall be cancelled in such cases and re-applied for the new course.

Transfer Procedure

  1. Students (or parents) seeking transfer shall make a written application for consideration by the school, stating the reasons for transfer.
  2. The Academic Department including the relevant subject teachers shall evaluate the request based on the academic performance of the student, emotional and social suitability to the student.
  3. The Principals/Head of Schools shall approve any transfer.
  4. The transfer decision shall be communicated to the student/parent
  5. On acceptance by the parent/student, a revised contract shall be executed with the student along with the applicable fees for the new course.
  6. All transfer requests will be responded to within four weeks from receipt of written transfer request.

Withdrawal Policy

  1. The School has no conditions for withdrawal of a student.
  2. One term notice is to be given in the case of withdrawals. Notice is not deemed to be given until written confirmation has been received, and acknowledged, by the Admissions Office. If the required notice is not given, the school reserves the right to collect one term equivalent of tuition fee.
  3. Withdrawal formalities will be completed by the School only upon fulfilment of conditions that include return of School properties, books and payment of any arrears of fees.
  4. There will be no withdrawal fee.
  5. Refunds shall be made within 7 days of the student’s last day at school and obtaining all clearances from the various School departments.
  6. Student pass holders will have their passes cancelled upon withdrawal as of the last day of attending School.
  7. Upon withdrawal, the school shall issue a Transfer Certificate to the student. This Transfer Certificate serves as formal intimation that the student is no longer enrolled with the School
  8. On withdrawal, for security and operational reasons, we are unable to administer external school exams (if any).

Withdrawal Procedure

  1. All withdrawal requests shall be given in writing by parents of the student indicating the last day of school to be attended by the student.
  2. A Transfer Certificate Application form shall be sent to the parents to be filled in and returned to school.
  3. The Student Affairs Officer shall obtain clearances from the Library and other departments and forward to Accounts for refund processing.
  4. In case the student is on Student Pass, the Student Affairs Officer shall cancel the Student Pass on the last working day of the student.
  5. A Transfer Certificate shall be issued to the student on payment of all dues. This Transfer Certificate shall serve as the formal letter of exit of student from school.
  6. The student shall be exited as an active student from the Student Database.
  7. The FPS service provider shall be informed in case of refund arising from withdrawal.

Deferment Policy

The school does not allow students to defer admission after attending school for even a day. In such a case, the student shall be withdrawn from school and a fresh application shall be made if he/she wishes to rejoin.