Parent Community

Parents play an important role at cultivating the warm environment here at NPSI. There are several ways in which a parent can contribute towards supporting their child's education.

Parents of EY students can become Class Mums – where they act as an informal focal point between staff and other parents. Our class mums help with disseminating information, and keeping all the parents connected, building a system of support.

Another major way in which parents contribute at NPSI is by participating in the Reading Program, which is open to Early Years and Primary School. Parents act as volunteers and assist students who require more help.

Parents are also major sources of support and manpower during certain outings and events. Early Years and Primary parents accompany students during local field trips, while Secondary Parents act as hosts during exchange programs wherein international students come to Singapore. Parents of all grades also support our staff during whole school events such as the Carnival, and Annual Day, where they assist with designing of sets, costumes, and coordination.

We at NPSI are proud of our students and our parents! To celebrate them and their achievements, we have annual parent-centric events, such as the Career Fair and Parents Day Out! Parents are also encouraged to put up stalls at the yearly school Carnival.