Music is a beautiful part of life, and an important part of our custom, expert-designed Primary school program and arts program. Our students are taken on a musical learning journey, and are immersed in theoretical and practical lessons in the subject. Our music syllabus is designed based on recommendations regarding student development published by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

Divided into four key competencies and six key learning stages, students develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures, and foster their innate musical senses. They learn the skills to be able to express themselves creatively through music, and therefore attain an informed and life-long interest in music.

They learn music from well trained teachers and musicians in areas such as music theory, music making, music appreciation and music application, and gain an appropriately detailed understanding of music in media, therapy, and other real-world practical applications. They will be able to respond and create music using their bodies, voices, and instruments, and will also learn to notate.

Our students develop a wide and deep appreciation for the art and also gain several invaluable life skills –such as critical and creative thinking, active listening, and expressing empathy. We are also proud of our state-of-the-art music studio, with various instruments and technology that will allow our students to practice and hone their skills.