International Kindergarten and Preschool in Singapore
Early Years


Kindergarten represents the very early foundational years for your child's learning. Therefore, it's important that you get the very best education for your child at this time. Our international kindergarten curriculum offers only the very best when it comes to educational implements and studies for children.

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  • Child recognizes and quantifies numerals 1 to 10 through concrete objects
  • Blend, decode, reading and writing 3 letter words
  • Good learning experience through letters, music and sandpaper letters
  • Jolly Phonics and Oxford Reading Schemes
  • Literacy and numeracy skills
  • Learn self-awareness, identify places and people around
  • Vowel, consonant phonetic knowledge for reading and writing

We offer a broad-based approach towards Primary academics with emphasis on core subjects such as English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Your child will be engaged in experiential learning through a variety of resources to develop appropriate skills and knowledge through learning with us.

Our Kindergarten programme is a carefully designed, interactivity-based learning methodology aimed at building a strong academic foundation in children. This course is for the duration of three years and is offered for students aged 3 –5, with three entry points at Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten.

Our highly enjoyable Kindergarten programme results in the acquisition of listening, literacy and numeracy skills, allowing students to comfortably transition into primary school. We use the tried and tested Jolly Phonics and Oxford Reading schemes, providing a solid foundation for developing reading and writing abilities in children.

The kindergarten curriculum has been developed in-house by the staff and academic advisors of NPS International School.