High School: XI & XII - IB

NPS International School offers the IB diploma programme for grades XI and XII. The IB programme in Singapore is an internationally recognised curriculum which allows students to develop strong analytical skills, work ethic, and trains them to cope with rigourous university level studies. Students gain an excellent depth and breadth in various subjects, and flourish intellectually, emotionally, and physically. IB's unique Community Service requirements also allow them to have a strong ethical foundation, and its core requirement –Theory of Knowledge (TOK) gives students the opportunity to critically reflect on the nature of knowledge and learning.

The IB Diploma Program (IBDP) requires that students study six courses at higher level or standard level, thus ensuring a wide range of learning in languages. In addition, this challenges students to apply their learning to develop broad skills and attitudes.

The IB Diploma has increasingly been regarded as the 'gold card' in university and college placement. Increasing numbers of students gain acceptance at Top Universities. They owe their success not only to their IB diplomas but also to their preparation for the admission process. Students at NPS International School would receive inputs and counselling on tests and university choices worldwide.

For more information please visit the official website at: www.ibo.org

Subjects offered

SL – Standard Level
HL – Higher Level

  1. English Language and Literature (HL / SL)
  2. English Literature (HL / SL)
  3. Mathematics - Analysis and Approaches (HL / SL)
  4. Mathematics - Applications and Interpretation (HL / SL)
  5. Physics (HL / SL)
  6. Chemistry (HL / SL)
  7. Biology (HL / SL)
  8. Computer Science (HL / SL)
  9. Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)
  10. Business Management (HL / SL)
  11. Economics (HL / SL)
  12. History (HL / SL)
  13. Geography (HL / SL)
  14. Psychology (HL / SL)
  15. Visual Arts (HL / SL)
  16. French (HL / SL / Ab Initio)
  17. Hindi (HL / SL)
  18. Spanish (SL / Ab Initio)
  19. Theory of Knowledge

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