Dispute Resolution

The School aims to resolve all disputes, whether financial or otherwise, involving the School and the students in a just and amicable manner. Due consideration would be given to all the facts before any solutions are recommended.

  1. A dispute is recognised as such if the School and a student or parent do not agree to a decision of the School
  2. The dispute resolution mechanism has three structural components which shall be followed sequentially:
    • Resolution by a staff member or a team appointed by the Head of School/Principal
    • Resolution by the Head of School/Principal
    • Resolution by reference to a third party like CPE, Small claims tribunal.
  3. All "disputes" shall be given by the parent to the School in writing, stating clearly the issue, the facts and the area of disagreement. Modes of receiving formal feedback:
  4. All written complaints shall be acknowledged by the School within 3 working days. All written complaints shall be acknowledged by the respective Principals/Senior Coordinators/Head of Admissions within 3 working days. Some feedback may require additional steps subsequent to the first response which shall be communicated to the parents.
  5. At the first instance, the Head of School/Principal shall ask a staff member or a team of staff (concerned teacher or administrative staff may also be included) to investigate the facts and recommend resolution options. These shall be discussed with the parents and an agreement shall be attempted.
  6. If necessary, parents may be invited for a face to face meeting with the Principal or Head of School to discuss the possible solutions and reach closure.
  7. In case of continued disagreement, the matter shall be taken up by the Head of School/Principal, who, in consultation with the Management Committee, shall explore the matter further.
  8. In the event of disagreement after this stage, the School shall advise the parents to refer the matter through third party mediation.
  9. Every effort will be made to resolve complaints within 21 days of having received written notification from a parent, provided no, third-party intervention occurs.
  10. All feedback/complaints are considered resolved and closed by the school if the school does not receive any more correspondence from the parent relating to the feedback after 7 working days from date of resolution (written reply from the school on its decision).
  11. Transport-related feedback cases are responded to by the transport contractor. The school shall, however, monitor the contractor’s responsiveness to and resolutions of all complaints.