Student Attendance Policy

  1. Attendance Policy:
    • All students shall have at least 75% attendance to be promoted to the next grade/course.
    • Student Pass holders shall have 90% attendance per month or should not be absent for more than 7 consecutive days without valid reason.
    • Absence from school can be either Authorized or Unauthorised. Authorised leave shall be eligible to be granted in the following cases:
      • Leave due to medical reasons, if backed by a medical certificate
      • Leave to attend weddings of close family members up to a maximum of 5 days in a year. Leave beyond 5 days shall be considered unauthorised.
      • Leave due to bereavement of immediate family members (father, mother, siblings).
      • Any other planned absence shall require prior written approval of the Principal.
      All other leave shall be considered Unauthorised.
    • Requests for leave of absence during the school term shall be strongly discouraged and parents shall be reminded that such absences can have an adverse effect on a child’s academic performance. Unauthorised absences shall also be reflected in the transcripts sent to universities and in the school reports.
  2. Continued absence:
    • If a student is absent for two consecutive days, parents are required to send an email to the school stating the reasons.
    • In the absence of an email, the Homeroom Teacher shall call the parent after 2 days of absence.
    • If a student on student pass is absent consecutively for 7 days and is uncontactable, a police report shall be made thereafter the Senior Manager shall cancel the student’s pass.
  3. Return from absence:
    • On return to school, it shall be the student’s responsibility to catch up on missed work.
    • If the gaps are wide, parental co-operation in catching up shall be requested.
    • In case a student does not satisfy all attendance criteria, it shall be the responsibility of the Homeroom teacher to escalate the issue to the Principal and shall have a meeting with the parents. In such cases, promotion to the next grade shall be at the discretion of the Principal.
  4. Poor conduct:
    • The School shall make every effort to correct student behaviour through resources available at school. When poor conduct is noticed, the student shall be asked to reflect on the misbehaviour and the Home Room Teacher and/or the Level Coordinator shall counsel the student. The student may be given a time-frame to modify his/her behaviour.
    • If the poor conduct continues, the student may be referred for counseling by the Senior Academic Team (Coordinators, Deputy Principal, Principal). The student may be put on a behaviour contract and his behaviour shall be reviewed weekly.
    • Parental co-operation may be sought.
    • The student may be referred for counseling with the School Counselor (for minor issues) or with the external counselors (for major issues). Relevant parental approvals shall be taken for this.
  5. Poor attendance:
    • If a student is absent for more than 2 consecutive days, the HRT shall call the parents to ascertain the reason for absence.
    • If the leave does not fall in the authorized leave category, the failure to meet the attendance criteria for promotion shall be highlighted to the parents by February of the academic year by the Principal/Coordinators.