Calendar of Events
  • Sep

    UT2 / UT1 Gr VI
    Report sent home (S)

  • Sep

    English Day/Creative
    Book Review Comptetition (S)

  • Sep

    Workshop for Parents Maths Gr I & II (1.30 to 3), UOS Gr III, IV & V (4 to 5.30) (P)

  • Sep

    Workshop for Parents Maths Gr III, IV & V (1.30 to 3), UOS Gr I & II (4 to 5.30) (P)
    PTC 1 - GR VI-X (S)
    PTC - CBSE (SR)

  • Sep

    Teacherís Day Celebration (EY, P, S, SR, IB1, IB2))
    EE Final Submission after feedback from Supervisor (IB2)

  • Sep

    Orientation - into the 9th (S)

  • Sep

    College Counselling Deadline
    Submit teacherís names for recos, college lists, Common App essays/supplements;
    Register with UCAS/Common
    App (SR, IB2)

  • Sep

    TOK - Prelim presentation
    Historical Investigation
    (HL) Second draft
    Geography IA Rough Draft (IB2)

  • Sep

    Language Day (S)
    Historical Investigation
    Feedback from Teacher (IB2)

  • Sep

    NCO Exam (P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • Sep
    Sports Day (EY)

  • Sep

    SA1 - Gr VI-X Starts (S)
    SA1 - CBSE GR XI/UT3
    Gr XII Starts (SR)
    UT1 Starts (IB1, IB2)

  • Sep

    College Counselling Deadline
    Complete UK Medicine / Oxbridge apps and USA early apps (SR, IB2)

  • Sep

    Photography Competition (S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • Sep

    UT3 - CBSE Gr XII ends (SR)

  • Sep

    UT1 Ends (IB1, IB2)

  • Sep

    SA1 - Gr VI-X Ends (S)

Media Reports

Hindu BusinessLine, August, 2005

TCS IT quiz kicks off in Bangalore

Our Bureau

CONNECT Sachin Tendulkar to a group of friends and some black berries to arrive at the name of a company... "

Even before the audience blinked, pat came the answer, `Airtel'. And how did the 11th standard would-be techie arrive at the name? "Sachin is the brand ambassador for Airtel, the company which has just introduced a Blackberry wireless solution in India, and `friends' is the company's promotion theme." To say that Genext in Bangalore is well-connected to the IT world would be an understatement of its tech awareness.

At the TCS IT Wiz in Bangalore, toughies such as these were cracked without a blink: Who are carders (credit card hackers), who is the Enchantress of Numbers (Ada Lovelace, the founder of scientific computing), Panda is an anti-virus software, and Digicel is one of the sponsors of the current triseries in Sri Lanka.

When asked to connect Akebono (a sumo wrestler) to the theme song from `Kaal' in just five seconds, the audience was sure that this would put the young systems down.

"Malaika Arora is the brand ambassador for Yahoo in India and Yahoo founder Jerry Yang's first workstation was named after this sumo wrestler," was the confident answer and it was the right one too. Such fast thinking prompted Mr N.G. Subramaniam, Vice-President and Head, TCS, Bangalore to comment: "The knowledge of these students will make us go back humbled."

After five rounds of answering such high-tech questions, National Public School, Indiranagar walked away with the first prize, followed by MES Kishore Kendra and Jain College.

The seventh edition of the TCS IT Wiz kicked off in Bangalore to a packed hall today and will soon be taken to Chennai, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Pune, and Kolkata.

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