Calendar of Events
  • Jul

    UNSW - Writing Skills exam (P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • Jul

    CBSE XI/XII students return (SR)
    IB 2015 Students return (IB 2)

  • Jul

    UNSW - English exam (P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • Jul

    School resumes (EY, P, S)
    SA1 - CBSE Gr XII begins (SR)
    2016- Classes start for IB 1

  • Jul

    Gr II-V OBT begins (P)
    College Counselling
    Deadline: Submit 1st Draft of UCAS PS;
    Sign up for UKCAT/SAT (SR, IB2)

  • Jul

    Gr II-V OBT ends (P)
    Senate elections (S)
    Orientation - For IB 1 parent
    WA - Final Draft
    History Investigation (HL)
    Analysis/Conclusion and discussion (IB2)

  • Jul

    Parentís Day Out (EY, P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • Jul

    Hari Raya Puasa
    OBT Gr VI

  • Jul

    OBT Gr VI

  • Jul

    Assembly - Science Day (S) OBT Gr VI
    UNSW - Maths exam (S, SR, IB1, IB2)
    International Friendship Day (S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • Jul

    OBT Gr VI SA1 - CBSE Gr XII Ends (SR)

Where are we located

NPS International is housed in a spacious 6-acre campus in the serene largely residential region of the East Coast. The building is equipped with large, air-conditioned classrooms, a well-stocked, user-friendly library, a modern computer laboratory, science laboratories, Math lab, Geography lab, an aesthetic art room, music room, dance and drama facility, and an audio visual room. Large subject rooms enhance the audio and visual aspects of learning. Adequate space and facilities for soccer, cricket, basketball, tennis and team games with fully trained, provide for a strong sports and fitness programme at NPS International.

Chartered buses run by a renowned Singapore company ply from different parts of the city making it easy and convenient for students to commute to school and back.

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