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Calendar of Events
  • 4

    Teachers’ Day Celebration (EY, P)
    PTC - Gr 7 & 9 (AM), 8 (PM) (S)
    PTC - CBSE 11 & CBSE 12 (AM) (SR)

  • 5

    PTC - Gr 6 & 10 (AM) (S)

  • 7

    Second Language Essay Writing Competition (S)
    TOK Field trip (IB1)

  • 9

    Teachers’ Day Celebration (S)

  • 10

    EE - 2nd Draft submission (IB2)

  • 11

    Orientation - Into the 9, 5:30pm (S)
    College Counselling Deadline: Submit teacher’s names for recos. USA early apps essays approved (SR, IB2)

  • 14

    SA1 - CBSE 11 & UT3 CBSE 12 begins (SR)
    UT1 starts (IB1, IB2)
    College Counselling: Register with UCAS/Common App (SR, IB2

  • 17

    Book Review Competition (P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 18

    Sports Day (EY)
    UT3 - CBSE 12 ends (SR)
    College Counselling deadline: US Applicants to clear FERPA (SR, IB2

  • 21

    Assessment 1 - Gr 7 to 10 starts (S)
    College Counselling: Complete UK Medicine/ Oxbridge apps and USA early apps (SR, IB2)

  • 22 - 30

    Assessment 1 - Gr 7 to 10 (S)

  • 23

    SA1-CBSE 11 ends (SR)
    UT1 ends (IB1, IB2)

  • 24

    Hari Raya Haji - Holiday (W)

  • 25

    CAS meeting (IB1)
    College Counselling: Submit fnal college list in Naviance (SR, IB2)

  • 28

    Eng-WA - Second Draft (IB2)
    College Counselling Deadline: Get approvals from HOS for UCAS apps and USA early apps. (SR, IB2)

  • 30

    Assessment 1 - Gr 7 to 10 ends (S)
    College Counselling Deadline: Send UCAS apps USA early apps. (SR, IB2)

  • 1

    Orientation - Into the 11th (S)

  • 2

    End of Semester I (EY, P)
    Assessment 1 ends(S)
    UT1 - Report cards sent home (IB1, IB2)

  • 3

    Mid term Break starts (W)
    SAT Exams (SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 5 -

    OBT - Cambodia (IB1) + Gr 11 (SR)

  • 8

    National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) Exam (P, S, SR, IB1, IB2)

  • 9 -

    OBT - Cambodia (IB1) + Gr 10 (SR)

  • 14

    PSAT Exam (S, SR)

Media Reports

The Hindu, May 16, 2008

Singapore school campus of NPS opens

Staff Reporter


SINGAPORE: The Bangalore-based National Public Schools (NPS) Group on Wednesday anchored itself in Singapore, its first overseas destination, offering courses of "academic excellence and holistic development."

The inauguration of the campus of the NPS International School Singapore was hailed by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran, and by India's High Commissioner S. Jaishankar.

Noting that Singapore's academic landscape was dotted with local and foreign institutions, Mr. Iswaran welcomed the arrival of NPS as "a further affirmation of our own exciting vision of Singapore as a global schoolhouse." He invited NPS, with its track record of academic excellence, to contribute to Singapore's evolution as a world-class educational hub. He noted that the school choosing to carve out a foreign campus here "underscores the close and growing bilateral ties between India and Singapore."

Dr. Jaishankar said Singapore was chosen as the window through which India looked out for new vistas of globalisation over 15 years ago. The venture highlighted the fact that "the mobility of Indians will be the defining characteristic of the new India."

NPS chairman K.P. Gopalakrishna affirmed that the campus would offer global curricula in harmony with Singapore's vision. The Singapore campus, which began functioning in January, is already open to Grade 9 for CBSE, IGCSE (U.K. Cambridge) and the Swiss IB academic streams. It has enrolled over 200 students in three months.

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