Calendar of Events
  • Apr

    Gr XII CBSE and IB Yr 2 back to school

  • Apr

    UNSW Computer Skills Exam

  • Apr

    NEW SCHOOL YEAR STARTS for Grades 2-5, Orientation Grade I 1.30 to 2.30pm, Orientation Grades II & III 4.15 to 5.15pm, Orientation Montessori, Pre K, K1 and K2, 9.30 to 10.30am, Orientation - Grade 7 (4pm) and 8 (5.30pm).

  • Apr

    Good Friday Holiday

  • Apr

    UNSW Science Exam, Orientation Gr IX IGCSE 4- 5:30pm

  • Apr

    College Counselling Parents' Orientation, Admission Essay and UCAS PS writing workshop, Orientation Gr 9 CBSEi- 4- 5:30pm

t is our constant endeavour to provide numerous opportunities to explore, learn
and expand students' skill sets in consonance with the NPSI vision of "Academic
Excellence and Holistic Development" of every child.
Dr Bindu Hari
Dean, NPS International

NPS International School has been established to cater to the burgeoning international demand for high quality education in the context of a rapidly globalising educational scenario.

National Public School (NPS) is the flagship brand of the pioneering group of educational institutions head quartered in Bangalore, India. The group has an enviable track record of academic excellence over four decades, nurturing each year 12000 children over seven campuses.

NPS International School is housed in a large six-acre campus at Chai Chee Lane, near Bedok, in the East Coast.

The School commenced its academic activities in 2008.

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