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Welcome to NPS International School in Singapore:

A message from Dr. Matthew Sullivan, Head of School

National Public School (NPS) is the flagship brand of the pioneering group of educational institutions headquartered in Bangalore, India. The group has an enviable track record of academic excellence spread over four decades, nurturing 12,000 children each year in over 12 campuses.

NPS International School is housed in a large, six-acre campus at Chai Chee Lane, near Bedok, in the East Coast of Singapore. The School commenced its academic activities in 2008.

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10 reasons why students choose NPSI:

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Calendar of Events
  • 1

    College Counselling
    Deadline: Inform School of all offers/decisions (SR, IB2)

  • 2

    SRC (Language B/Ab Intio - Final Recording) (IB2)

  • 3 to

    SRC (IB2)

  • 9

    SA2 Gr VI-X/Prelim 2
    XIGCSE starts (S)
    SRC (IB2)

  • 10 to

    SRC (IB2)

  • 16

    Prelim 2 Starts (IB2)

  • 17

    (IB2)SA2 Gr VI-X/Prelim 2
    XIGCSE Ends (S)

  • 19

    ROC 6-8 (S)

  • 20

    Event 4 - Quiz Gr I-V;
    Yearbook Launch (P)
    ROC 6-8 (S)
    G4 - Final Presentation (IB1)
    Yearbook Launch (S, SR, IB1, IB2

  • 21

    Annual Sports Awards Evening (W)

  • 23 to


  • 24

    Prelim 2 Ends (IB2)

  • 25

    GRADUATION (K2 & Montessori Y3) (EY)

  • 27


  • 30

    Graduation SR and IB 2

  • 31

    Last day of school (EY, P, W)
    SA2 Reports sent home (S)

  • 8

    CBSE Gr 12 return (SR) IB1 and 2 return

  • 15

    School starts for Gr. 2-10, CBSE XI and IB1

  • 16

    School starts for Early Years and Gr. 1

  • 14 to

    SRC (IB2)

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